Fee for Publication

  • Author residing in Iraq:
    1. The amount of (125,000) IQD for publication fees after acceptance of the manuscript.
    2.  The journal will be providing one hard copy of the journal issue and five copies of the published manuscript.
    3. If any paper exceeded more than 10 journal pages, preferably we reduce the page number to 10 if possible. Or the author will pay more fees for each page exceeding 10.


  • Authors residing outside Iraq:
  1. No fees required, but as the journal website is freely accessible, no hard copies will be provided for developing countries.
  2. Elsewhere fee publication: $100.

Payment way: The Fees can be paid through Western Union to the following address:

Name: Sabreen Shakir Aroof

Tel: +9647715613235

Address: College of Education for Pure Science Ibn-Al-Haitham, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.

After sending your payment, please provide a scan copy of the payment and inform us via journal’s
email: [email protected]