Robust Watermarking Scheme for GIS Vector Maps

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Methaq Talib Gaata


  With the fast progress of information technology and the computer networks, it becomes very easy to reproduce and share the geospatial data due to its digital styles. Therefore, the usage of geospatial data suffers from various problems such as data authentication, ownership proffering, and illegal copying ,etc. These problems can represent the big challenge to future uses of the geospatial data. This paper introduces a new watermarking scheme to ensure the copyright protection of the digital vector map. The main idea of proposed scheme is based on transforming  the digital map to frequently domain using the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) in order to determine suitable areas to insert the watermark data. The digital map is separated into the isolated parts.Watermark data are embedded within the nominated magnitudes in each part when satisfied the definite criteria. The efficiency of proposed watermarking scheme is assessed within statistical measures based on two factors which are fidelity and robustness. Experimental results demonstrate the proposed watermarking scheme representing ideal trade off for disagreement issue between distortion amount and robustness. Also, the proposed scheme shows  robust resistance for many kinds of attacks.

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GAATA, Methaq Talib. Robust Watermarking Scheme for GIS Vector Maps. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Science, [S.l.], v. 31, n. 1, p. 277-284, may 2018. ISSN 2521-3407. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 03 june 2020. doi: