Sensitivity of Bacteria Escherichia coli Iisolated from Urinary Tract Infection toward Ciprofloxacin and Lomefloxacin.

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S. M. Kareem S.A. Bilal


   Four hundred and fifty urine samples were collected from patients suffering from urinary tract infection from the General Azadi hospital in Kurkuk province ,during the period of october 2007 till march 2008 .       Results of bacteriological culture revealed that (168) out of (450) studied samples (37.3%) gave positive culture using blood agar and macConkey agar ; different species of bacterial isolates were detected using morphological and biochemical tests ,from these isolates the highest percentage of the isolates were from Escherichia coli when it was (100) isolates out of (190) isolate  (52.63%)  .  one hundred isolates were distributed between (77) from females and (23) from males     The susceptibility  of E.coli isolates towards (13) types of antimicrobial agents commomly used in treatment of urinary tract infection were tested in vitro . Variations in susceptibility against antimicrobial were found. The antiseptic drug Nitrofurantoin showed the highest activity on E.coli when the resistance reached  (14 %) , from the other hand E.coli isolates showed great resistance to other antimicrobial : sulphamethoxazole was (100 %) ,Ampicillin (99 %) ,Cephalexin   (62 %) ,Agumentin (58 %) , Nalidixic acid (54 %) , Trimethoprim (52 %) , Pipracillin (45 %) , Ceftriaxone (40 %) , Lomefloxacin (39 %) , Cefotaxime (39 %) , Ciprofloxacin (37 %) and to Co-trimxazole was (37 %) .     Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) for Ciprofloxacin and Lomefloxacin were studied and the results showed higher values in MIC. MIC values for eight  isolates of bacteria  E.coli were so high they were (400> µg/ml) for Ciprofloxacin were (19.5%) while five isolates of bacteria E.coli were with  MIC value of (400>µg/ml) with (11.6%) to Lomefloxacin .        The ability of bacteria E.coli isolates  to produce ß-lactamase enzyme using Capillary tubes method was studied. The results showed (61 %) of these isolates gave positive results when the red cloer of the indicator phenol was changed from red to yellow within (15) minuets .When using Disc approximation method to detect the ability to production Extended Spectrum ßlactamase enzyme (ESBLs) out of (61)isolates only (11)isolates were positive (18 %); Nine ESBLs producer showed high resistance to antimicrobial Quinolones (Naldixic acid ,Ciprofloxacin and Lomefloxacin) with percentage reached (72.7%) . 

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