Histological Study of the Digestive Tract of Liza abu (Heckel) 3- Intestine

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Wijdan Basheer Abid
Hanan Raad Diaa


 The study includes histological structure of  pyloric caeca , intestine and rectum of Liza abu , the results show that the pyloric caeca are non-branched fingerlings structures numbering (4) and length rate was (0.5) cm , while the intestine of Liza abu was long narrow tube composed of a number of laps , the anterior part of intestine was wider in diameter than the posterior part , the length of intestine was (32) cm , the rectum was straight tube extends from the end of posterior part of intestine to the anus.         The wall of pyloric caeca , intestine and rectum consists of main layers : mucosa , submucosa , muscularis and serosa , lining epithelium of  pyloric caeca , intestine and rectum were simple columnar consisting of enterocytes having goblet cells in between , goblet cells react positively with PAS and AB in  intestine and rectum , and with PAS only in pyloric caeca , tunica submucosa was a thin layer of dense connective tissue , tunica muscularis consists of smooth muscle fibersarranged in two layers : internal circular and external longitudinal , tunica serosa was thin layer of loose connective tissue surrounded by mesothelium .

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Abid, W. B., & Diaa, H. R. (2017). Histological Study of the Digestive Tract of Liza abu (Heckel) 3- Intestine. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 30(1), 262–278. Retrieved from https://jih.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/j/article/view/1075