The Effect of Some of the Criteria of the Efficiency of House Fly Traps

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Waleed I. Gharib
Maki H. Abd-ali


  The study revealed to the efficiency of some stick traps included standard Williams sticky trap with three modified forms of them, Ribbed cylindrical williams trap , pyramid williams trap and flat williams trap in catching of the house flies in a horsesØŒ stables. The results  showed slight differences between standard Williams traps and Ribbed cylindrical williams trap. On the other hand, there was significant difference between all modified forms of traps in mean number catch of house flies which reached to 597.6, 363.3 and 155.6 fly/ trap, for Ribbed cylindrical williams trap, pyramid williams trap,  flat sticky trap respectively. As for the experience of the effect of color types;  yellow, white, blue and red were recoreded  capture rates 159.3  , 123.6, 81.6 and 22.6, fly / trap respectively. While the capture rates 176.6, 159.3  and 344.3 fly /trap at 0,1, 2 meters respectively .The effect of baits types showed different significance berween fish and other baits, blood sheep and poultry meat,and capture rates were 206.6 , 164.3 and 135.6,fly / trap respectively.

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