E-Government Public Cloud Model (EGPCM)

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Nada M. Al-Hakkak
Ban Salman Shukur
Atheel Sabih Shaker


   The concept of implementing e-government systems is growing widely all around the world and becoming an interest to all governments. However, governments are still seeking for effective ways to implement e-government systems properly and successfully. As services of e-government increased and citizens’ demands expand, the e-government systems become more costly to satisfy the growing needs. The cloud computing is a technique that has been discussed lately as a solution to overcome some problems that an e-government implementation or expansion is going through. This paper is a proposal of a  new model for e-government on basis of cloud computing. E-Government Public Cloud Model EGPCM, for e-government is related to public cloud computing.

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Al-Hakkak, N. M., Shukur, B. S., & Shaker, A. S. (2018). E-Government Public Cloud Model (EGPCM). Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 31(1), 244–259. https://doi.org/10.30526/31.1.1832