Strongly K-nonsingular Modules

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Tha'ar Younis Ghawi


       A submodule N of a module M  is said to be s-essential if it has nonzero intersection with any nonzero small submodule in M. In this article, we introduce and study a class of modules in which all its nonzero endomorphisms have non-s-essential kernels, named, strongly -nonsigular. We investigate some properties of strongly -nonsigular modules. Direct summand, direct sums and some connections of such modules are discussed.        

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Ghawi, T. Y. (2019). Strongly K-nonsingular Modules. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 32(1), 167–177.
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Tha'ar Younis Ghawi, Arabia

Doctoral of Mathematics/Algebra/ Modules Theory