Preparation of Silver Nanoparticles by Sol - Gel Method and Study their Characteristics

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Tagreed M. Al-Saadi
Luay J.k. Alsaady


 Powder of silver nanoparticles was prepared by Sol - Gel method successfully using silver nitrate , (AgNO3) gesture is added to sodium citrate (C6H5O7Na3) as a reducing agent and by using  Magnetic Stirrer to mix the solutions and heated then using centrifuge machine to separate the silver nanoparticles from solution .It is then dried in an oven at a temperature 40oC for 24 hours.     Structure characteristics was studied , the synthetic silver powder was prepared through the use of an (XRD). Results showed the composition of silver nanoparticles is a (fcc) and a constant lattice (4.086 ± 0.006 Ã…) by comparing it with standard tables (JCPDS) which is found perfectly matched to file with a number 04-0783, which is due to the space group Fm3 m  No. 225.     Particle size of nanoparticles was calculated for samples prepared using the Scherrer equation where the average grain size of (18.84 nm - 50.23 nm) was also found using the equation Williamson - Hall and ranged from (10.11 nm - 39.60 nm). As well as the mass density, density of dislocations, texture  factor and the surface area of nano-particles were calculated. In addition samples prepared with an atomic force microscope (AFM) were examined and had the average diameter of the grains between (84.32 nm - 97.35 nm), and the average height ranged between (1.54 nm - 5.02 nm). 

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