New Technique for Solving Autonomous Equations

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Enadi M. O.
Tawfiq L.N. M.


This paper demonstrates a new technique based on a combined form of the new transform method with homotopy perturbation method to find the suitable accurate solution of autonomous Equations with initial condition.  This technique is called the transform homotopy perturbation method (THPM). It can be used to solve the problems without resorting to the frequency domain.The implementation of the suggested method demonstrates the usefulness in finding exact solution for linear and nonlinear problems. The practical results show the efficiency and reliability of technique and easier implemented than HPM in finding exact solutions.Finally, all algorithms in this paper implemented in MATLAB version 7.12.


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O., E. M., & M., T. L. (2019). New Technique for Solving Autonomous Equations. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 32(2), 123–130.