An Ecological Study for Irrigational Project (Beat- Zwena River) in Diyala Province

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Intisar K. Abdul Hassan
Ibrahim M.A. Alsalman


The current study was conducted on irrigational project called (Beat Zwena River), located in Jadedat- alshat, within the province of Dyala, which is divided from the right side of the Tigris River, the project significant environmental importance was passed in several agricultural areas estimated about 1600 acres, and it is also used for the purposes of irrigation and drinking. One of the major drawback for the current study is the almost lack data about the physiochemical parameter, in addition to measure (chlorophyll a and phyophtin of the River under investigation, in five locations for the period of October 2013 until June 2014. The range of studied properties was: 10.83 -38.75°C and 9.17 -28.5°C for air and water temperature, water depth (165 - 284.33 cm), light transmittance, (14.5 - 152cm) , turbidity (0.27-106.98) NUT, electrical conductivity, EC,(514.83 - 1027.5) µS/cm , salinity (1.15-4.88 part per thousand), total dissolved solids, TDS (287.83- 861.6) mg/l and total suspended solids TSS (2- 49.87) mg/l, pH (6.25- 7.98), dissolved oxygen, DO (3.65- 11.25)mg/l and biological oxygen demand. BOD5 (1.07- 4.35 mg / l, total alkalinity, TA (115.33- 187.5 ) mg CaCO3/l, total hardness, TH,( 221.83- 338.83) mg CaCO3/l, calcium, Ca (52.08-101.36) mg CaCO3/l, and magnesium , (74.62- 177.89) mg CaCO3 /l, total nitrate NO3(0.20- 6.50) mg /l, effective nitrate NO3 (1.55- 6.55) mg/l and effective phosphate PO4 (0.02 - 4.16) mg/l, sulfate SO4 (131.5- 283)mg/l, chlorophyll a, ( 0.12- 25.65) and Phaeophytin-a, (0.85- 25.93). mg/l, respectively. Results of the study showed that most of the studied characteristics and private (Salinity, EC, TH, PO4, BOD5, Turbidity, TDS and Mg) were once influential or higher rates than permitted environmentally, according to WHO, FAO Organization, as well as the Iraqi specifications for the river water, which show that human activities in the region significant effect on water and environment of project.

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Abdul Hassan, I. K., & Alsalman, I. M. (2017). An Ecological Study for Irrigational Project (Beat- Zwena River) in Diyala Province. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 28(2), 266–281. Retrieved from