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Saad A. Al-Saadi Aya A. Al-Rubaye


     The -s-extending modules will be purpose of this paper, a module M  is -s-extending if each submodule in M is essential in submodule has a supplement that is direct summand. Initially, we give relation between this concept with weakly supplement extending modules and -supplemented modules. In fact, we gives the following implications:

Lifting modules   -supplemented modules   -s-extending modules  weakly supplement extending modules.

It is also we give examples show that, the converse of this result is not true. Moreover, we study when the converse of this result is true.

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AL-SAADI, Saad A.; AL-RUBAYE, Aya A.. ⊕-s-extending modules. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Science, [S.l.], v. 33, n. 3, p. 80-88, july 2020. ISSN 2521-3407. Available at: <https://jih.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/j/article/view/2475>. Date accessed: 22 june 2021.