Nearly Primary-2-Absorbing Submodules and other Related Concepts

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Ali Sh. Ajeel
Omar A. Abdulla
Haibat K. Mohammadali


Our aim in this paper is to introduce the notation of nearly primary-2-absorbing submodule as generalization of 2-absorbing submodule where a proper submodule  of an -module  is called nearly primary-2-absorbing submodule if whenever , for , , ,  implies that either  or  or . We got many basic, properties, examples and characterizations of this concept. Furthermore, characterizations of nearly primary-2-absorbing submodules in some classes of modules were inserted. Moreover, the behavior of nearly primary-2-absorbing submodule under -epimorphism was studied.

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Sh. Ajeel, A., A. Abdulla, O., & K. Mohammadali, H. (2021). Nearly Primary-2-Absorbing Submodules and other Related Concepts. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 34(1).