Design and Evaluation of Polygonal Trough Solar Concentrator

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Yasser Yassin Khudair
Alaa Badr Hasan


     In this paper, a solar concentrator is designed in the form of a concave half-cylindrical mirror consisting of polygonal reflective surface plates. The plates are arranged to give a hemispherical shape to the design. These surfaces work to receive solar radiation and focusing by reflecting it to the receiver that is placed in front of the reflecting surfaces. The results are compared with a system consisting of a concave reflecting surface of the same dimensions to obtain a good criterion for evaluating the design performance. The results showed a low acceptance angle for the design for all the samples used due to the geometrical design nature. The optical efficiency affected by the angle of incidence greatly by all the samples used, which differ in the concentration ratio, width and location of the receiver.

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Khudair, Y. Y., & Hasan, A. B. (2021). Design and Evaluation of Polygonal Trough Solar Concentrator. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 34(4), 10–16.