Gyrotron Development at High Order Modes

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Luma Y. Abbas
Nedal ali Hussain
Ali N Mohammed


      The present work has been characterized by higher order modes in the cavities of the Gyrotron; they are capable of producing RF plasma by developments of it. It uses for fusion systems. We choose the TE31,8 mode in our study. The main problem of gyrotron is the device of the thermal cavity loading. The problem of the thermal loading is solved when any parasitic modes suppress, absence of desired modes; the thermal loading is increased when the high power tube of gyrotron operation is unstable. The mathematical interaction model contains equations that describe the electron motion and the field profiles of the transferred electric modes of the resonator, these are interacting with electrons based on the finite difference method that has been designed to study the starting current, the frequency, quality factor and calculates the roots of the Bessel function by the program we designed in Fortran language. They are used to calculate the operation frequency. Good agreement is between our results and the previous published results both confirm the accuracy of the performance of the designed program.

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Abbas, L. Y., Hussain, N. ali, & Mohammed, A. N. (2021). Gyrotron Development at High Order Modes. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 34(4), 17–25.