Some Games with Soft -ᶅ-Pre-Generalized Open Sets

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Hammood A. A
Esmaeel R. B


    In this paper, the concept of soft closed groups is presented using the soft ideal pre-generalized open and soft pre-open, which are -ᶅ- - -closed sets " -closed", Which illustrating several characteristics of these groups.  We also use some games and   -  Separation Axiom, such as (Æ®0, Ó¼, ᶅ) that use many tables and charts to illustrate this. Also, we put some proposals to study the relationship between these games and give some examples.

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A, H. A., & B, E. R. (2021). Some Games with Soft -ᶅ-Pre-Generalized Open Sets. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 34(4), 45–57.