Preparation of Polyester/ Micro Eggshell Fillers Composite as Natural Surface Coating

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Aveen N. Jassim
Widad H. Jassim


    To fabricate an inexpensive surface coating with excellent mechanical properties with good water resistance and thermal diffusion, white eggshell fibers with particle size (~1micrometer) has been added by different weight percentages (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 %) to Unsaturated Polyester.

The weight ratio (4%) of eggshell powder is a good ratio to be added to polyester to improve its mechanical properties, such as hardness, impact strength, and wear resistance. The hardness was improved by (3.75%); impact strength has the same value as polyester, flexural strength by (8.43%) and high improvement in wear resistance (74.4%), as well as to get further improvements in mechanical properties of polyester, the eggshell powder was added with (5%), where the hardness was improved by (3.63%), impact strength improved by (~23%) and the flexural strength by (23.23%)but the wear resistance by (2.15%) only .

The resistance to thermal of polyester was improved to (9.95%) and (13.77%) by adding the eggshell powder with ratios (of 4%) and (5%), respectively.

(Polyester/ 4% eggshells).  And (Polyester/ 5% eggshells) composites have a higher resistance to water diffusion after being immersed in water between (1-4 weeks).

The electron microscope image was used to observe the degree of homogeneity in polyester composite microstructure, which improved the results mechanical and thermal results.

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Jassim, A. N., & Jassim, W. H. (2023). Preparation of Polyester/ Micro Eggshell Fillers Composite as Natural Surface Coating . Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 36(1), 88–99.


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