Automatic Detection and Recognition of Car Plates Based on Cascade Classifier

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Noor M. Hashem
Heba Kh. Abbas


The study consists of video clips of all cars parked in the selected area. The studied camera height is1.5 m, and the video clips are 18video clips. Images are extracted from the video clip to be used for training data for the cascade method. Cascade classification is used to detect license plates after the training step. Viola-jones algorithm was applied to the output of the cascade data for camera height (1.5m). The accuracy was calculated for all data with different weather conditions and local time recoding in two ways. The first used the detection of the car plate based on the video clip, and the accuracy was 100%. The second is using the clipped images stored in the positive file, based on the training file (XML file), where the accuracy was 99.8%.

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Hashem, N. M. ., & Abbas, H. K. . (2023). Automatic Detection and Recognition of Car Plates Based on Cascade Classifier . Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 36(1), 130–138.


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