Study Strong Convergence and Acceleration of New Iteration Type Three – Step

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Zena H. Maibed
Alaa M. Al-Hameedwi


The aim of this article, we define new iterative methods called three-step type in which Jungck resolvent CR-iteration and resolvent Jungck SP-iteration are discussed and study rate convergence and strong convergence in Banach space to reach the fixed point which is differentially solve of nonlinear equations. The studies also expanded around it to find the best solution for nonlinear operator equations in addition to the varying inequalities in Hilbert spaces and Banach spaces, as well as the use of these iterative methods to approximate the difference between algorithms and their images, where we examined the necessary conditions that guarantee the unity and existence of the solid point. Finally, the results show that resolvent CR-iteration is faster than resolvent Jungck SP-iteration using Jungck resolvent estimation.

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Maibed, Z. H., & Al-Hameedwi, A. M. . (2023). Study Strong Convergence and Acceleration of New Iteration Type Three – Step. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 36(1), 380–388.


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