Ion Beam Focusing in Solenoid Magnetic Field

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Bushra J. Hussein
Intesar H. Hashim
Dheyaa A. Nasrallah


   The present study investigates the main parameters effect on the solenoid design as converging lens of charged particle beam passing through it. These parameters are solenoid magnetic field (B), solenoid radius (Ro) and the solenoid total length (L). The result indicates that the solenoid system is very sensitive to the change of these parameters. The solenoid acts as converge lens but may convert to diverging lens at some conditions. The best design obtained at (L=1100 mm, B=5000 gauss and Ro=150 mm).      

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Hussein, B. J., Hashim, I. H., & Nasrallah, D. A. (2017). Ion Beam Focusing in Solenoid Magnetic Field. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 27(3), 291–299. Retrieved from