IGF-1 , Leptin & AIP in relation to Osteoarthritis with and without Diabetes Mellitus Type2

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Lamia S. Ashoor
Tariq M. Ali
HamidG. Hasan


        IGF-1  is a protein  produced  by  the liver in  response  to  growth hormone   stimulus.One important  key in effectively  preventing  and   treating  osteo arthritis, is establishing a healthy balance of IGF-1.    Leptin is a hormone  produced   by  adipose tissue,   acting as a  sensor  of  fat  mass in  part  of   a negative   feedback   loop   that maintains  a  set  point  for  body  fat  stores.  Leptin  plays  an important  role  in   the progression of  Osteoarthritis (OA),  prompting  some  to  classify  OA as a metabolic   disease. it, has been found in synovial fluid  from  patients with OA , and  are thought  to have  local effects  on  joint  tissues .  Atherogenic  index   of   plasma   (AIP)     is  newly  marker of atherogenectiy  provide  prediction  to  accelerated  development  of  atherosclerosis  in diabetes mellitus patients.  Objective  This    study   was   designed   to   find  out  the variation of some parameters in OA with &  without  T2DM.                                                                                     Patients and methods   This study  included ( 88)  subjects  aged   between (40-60) years  (all females , newly    diagnoses  and  obese)   who   were   attending   the   Al- Kadhimiya   Teaching  Hospital . Baghdad  and   Al-Mustansiriya  University .  The enrolled patients were divided to four groups: OA(24) , T2DM (20), OAwithT2DM (24) and control (20) . Venous blood samples from women were taken for laboratory investigation which included : Fasting plasma glucose , lipid profile (TC ,TG , HDLc and    LDLc) ,  IGF-1  ,  Leptin  were   measured  and  Atherogenic  index  of  plasma calculated as molar ratio of log (TG/ HDL-C).  Results      The current study shows a significant increased atherogenic index , Leptin value ,  in  three  patients  groups   diabetes , osteoarthritis   and  OAwith  DM   when compared   with  control.  But  IGF-1  level  was  significantly  decreased  in the three patients groups T2DM, OA , T2DM with OA when compared with control . Conclusion Osteoarthritis  has a direct  effect on dislipidemia ,Leptin & AIP value in  Diabetes mellitus type2

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Ashoor, L. S., Ali, T. M., & Hasan, H. (2017). IGF-1 , Leptin & AIP in relation to Osteoarthritis with and without Diabetes Mellitus Type2. Ibn AL- Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 27(3), 462–469. Retrieved from https://jih.uobaghdad.edu.iq/index.php/j/article/view/310