Effect of Exogenous Application of Hydrogen Peroxide and Abscisic Acidfor the Wheat Plant Under Salt Stress

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Hussein Aziz Mohammed


    The experiment was conducted in twodifferentsplaces, one of this experiment in the field was not under salt stress  and the other experiment field was under salt stress.Those experiments were conducted in college of AgricultureDiyalaUniversity  atautmyseason  (2015  - 2016)to study  the salt stress by usingseeds soaking with Hydrogen Peroxide and foliar application in different concentrations ofAbscisic acid.The experiment  statistical design as RCBD was with three replicates.Soaking the seeds withHydrogen  Peroxidetreatments  0 , 10 , 15 ,  20  mmol.L-1.  Three Abscisic acid levels0 , 15 , 30 mg.L1.α -Tocopherol, Catalase Enzyme, Membrane Stability Index,proline content,  leaves area andpercentage of Electrolyte  Leakage of Wheat, were measured. Results drawn from these were as follows: The α -Tocopherol concentrations, Catalase Enzyme,Proline content  and percentage of  Electrolyte  Leakageincrease withsalt stress for soil,comparing with soil not under salt stress. The results showed that  fourth level of Hydrogen Peroxide Soaking(20)superior on the levels (0)of α-Tocopherol concentrations, Catalase Enzyme,Membrane Stability Index,  proline acid concentration and leaves areaincreased in values(78.88%, 135.54%, 17.47%, 34.04% ,16.36%)  respectively with soil under Salt Stress.The results show increase in α-Tocopherol concentrations, Catalase Enzyme   and percentageof  Electrolyte  Leakagewith low amount of Abscisic acid sprayingABA0(0 mg.L¹)comparing with the ABA1(15 mg.L-¹)and ABA2(30 mg.L-¹),but the treatment of spraying abscisic acid outperformedsignificantly increasedin the Membrane Stability Index anproline acid concentrationin leaveswith increase at the level ofABA2(30 mg. L-1)compareing with the other levels ofin the soil under salt stress. Theα-Tocopherol concentrations and Catalase Enzyme wereincreasedsignificantlyby interaction between(20mmol.L-1H2O2 +0 mg ABA. L1) comparing with the other levels in the soil that was under salt stress. . The Catalase Enzyme increase in the level(20 mmol.L-1H2O2 + 0 mg ABA .L-1) in the soil that was not under salt stress.Interference between (20 mmol.L-1H2O2+30mgABA.L-1) showedinsignificant effect on the Membrane Stability Indexandproline acid concentrationsin leavesat the soil that was under salt tension and proline acid concentrationsat leaves in the soil which was not under salt stress.Also most of characters in plant were significantly influenced by Hydrogen Peroxide under salt stress.

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