Biochemical Study on Splenectomy and Non Splenectomy Iraqi Major Thalassemic Patients

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M. S. Sabri


In this study the activities of alanine transaminase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST) were evaluated, in addition to total protein and albumins in sera of sixty one subjects whose ages were ranged between(4-16) years. These subjects were, twenty eight major thalassemic patient (12 with splenectomy and 16 non splenectomy ) and fifteen with minor thalassemia. eighteen healty subjecte as control. The result revealed a significant elevation in the activities of both aminotransferases enzymes (AST and ALT) in the sera of all the alassmic patient groups compared with control. Also a significant increase in the activity of ALT in sera of non-splenectomy compared to splenectomy major thalassemic patient , which could be an indicative of the severity of liver dysfunction.  No significant differences in the albumine levels of all patient groups compared to control was noticed. A significant low level of total protein in non splenectomy major thalassemic compared to control was found , while no significant difference between total protein level in the sera of seplenectomy major Thalassemic compared with control was found. A conclusion could be obtained for the low levels of total protein and the normal level of albumin in sera of non splenectomy major thalassemia is the reduction in some protein fractions of the globulin part of the serum.

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