Determination of Integrinα2 (ITGA2), Progesterone, Prolactin, Estradiol, Zinc and Vitamin C in Serum of Female Iraqi Patients with Breast Cancer

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Hazima Mossa Al-Abassi
Asmaa M. Salih Almohaidi
Amenah Ali Raheem ALMusawi


Back ground: Cancer is the second leading cause of death throughout the world. Breast cancer, is one of the leading mortality reasons in women from Western Countries, in Iraq, breast cancer is the second reason of death After cardiovascular Diseases.

Material and method:

The study was carried out of period from October/2016-january /2017 and  included (90) serum samples for Iraqi women suffered from breast cancer . Samples were divided into two groups ,the first group included (66) patients (females) their age rang (22-55) years which attended to (tumor unit) at medical city educational oncology hospital and Al-Amal Al-Waatanii hospital in Baghdad ,the second group included (38) for females apparently healthy their age (22-55) were studied as a control group. All patients women which included in this study were enrolled to a diagnostic criteria which made according to clinical, mamografical, histological finding. All of them were early diagnosed (without treatment).The disease was diagnosed by consultant medical staff at the hospital .Three (3ml) of peripheral blood has been drawn from both understudying groups, serum isolated and placed in Eppendorf tube in deep freeze (-20) until used. To determin the understudying  hormones (progesterone ,prolactin and estradiol ),Eliza technique has been used while  vitamin c and zinc were determined sepctrophotometricly.


 By ELISA technique (ITGA2) recorded a non-significant differences in patients. Progesterone recorded a significantly increasing in patients (P<0.01). Prolactin showed a higher significantly increasing in patients (p< 0.01), while estradiol serum level  recorded a higher significantly decreasing (P<0.01) in patients .The result of biochemistry study part which included zinc and vitamin C, zinc  recorded   a highest significantly decreasing (P<0.01) in patients,. As well as vitamin C recorded a significantly decreasing (P<0.05) in patients.



 According to the significant correlation between the three studied factors (integrin, progesterone and vitamin c) we may conclude that increasing level of progesterone and decreasing level of vitamin c may effect integrin expression in a downregulation  manner and perhaps breast cancer occurring and prognosis


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Al-Abassi, H. M., Almohaidi, A. M. S., & Raheem ALMusawi, A. A. (2018). Determination of Integrinα2 (ITGA2), Progesterone, Prolactin, Estradiol, Zinc and Vitamin C in Serum of Female Iraqi Patients with Breast Cancer. Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Sciences, 2017(IHSCICONF), 73–86.