Published: 2018-06-01

The Congenital Malformations in White Pregnant Mice Fetus Induced by Metformin Drug During 6-18 Days of Gestation

Faeza Nasir Toama, Aziz Khalid Hamid, Aziz Khalid Hamid, Asmat Jamal Jameel


The effect of Larinus maculates F. Cocoon Aqueous Extract in Some Immunological Aspects of Male Albino Mice

Zainab Thamer Alasady, Hanady S. A. Al-Shmgania, Muna Shukri Mahmod Jwad


Comparison Between Procalcitonin and Traditional Blood Biomarkers in Diagnosis of Sepsis in Iraqi Wounded Soldiers

Meroj A. Jasem, Alia E. Mahmood, Ayser I. Mahmood, Mahmood M. Mustafa, Khalid M. Farhood


Checklists of Parasites Stray Cats Felis Catus of Iraq

Abdul-Rahman Aziz Al-Tae, Abdul-Razzak L. Al-Rubaie


Spectrophotometric and Potentiometric Analysis of Calcichrome and Its Complex With Calcium Ion

Saja S Al-Samarra’ay, Ismail K Al-Hitti, Omur H Al-oubaydi


Minimax Shrunken Technique for Estimate Burr X Distribution Shape Parameter

Abbas Najim Salman, Maymona M. Ameen, A. E. Abdul-Nabi


On Contractible J-Saces

Narjis A. Dawood, Suaad G. Gasim


On Estimating the Survival Function for the Patients Suffer from the Lung Cancer Disease

Abbas N. Salman, Ibtehal H. Farhan, Maymona M. Ameen, Adel Abdulkadhim Hussein


Coclosed Rickart Modules

Ghaleb Ahmed, Ghaleb Ahmed


Common Fixed Points in Modular Spaces

Salwa Salman Abed, Karrar Emad Abdul Sada